Interview: A Real Talk on Love and Legacy!



One of my favorite topics, by far, is love and how Amanda and I found each other.


Not just about how we found each other, but how we are committed to continuing to stay curious about each other, finding ways to light each other up.


We count ourselves as truly fortunate, and I love sharing our journey to love so that maybe we can help you skip a couple steps we learned the hard way.


This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Michelle Sorro of The Mindset Mashup podcast for a heart to heart on how I found The One! 


In this podcast we go over:

  • Starting with a vision
  • Building relationships
  • Learn from successful people in successful relationships
  • My morning routine
  • My purpose
  • Finding fullfimment


Check out a snippet below and the full interview on iTunes via THIS LINK!



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Jairek Robbins


The Trick to Growing Your Business




What If I told you that one of the most profitable years we had in business – we mean we traveled and spoke to about 22 audiences that year – was the year we made the least, and in fact ended up in the negative in our business.


We are imagining your reaction and that’s exactly how we felt when we sat down with our accountant at the end of the year, after having what we felt, was a truly epic year.


We were in a good position to turn things around, but obviously, that is not something we wanted to repeat.


Too many times, business owners, whose businesses are going well, run into this issue. Except this is not something we wanted to accept. We wanted to learn from up, live through it and share how we turned that around.


This is useful information no matter what stage of your business. This week we are going to share with you the tools we were taught and use – to NEVER experience that feeling again!


We are going over:

  • How to Identify the parts of your business you want to grow
  • A simple tool on how to break down and track your expenses
  • Where to channel your energy
  • Understanding your reach and your metrics
  • Understanding your return on investment


Check it out below and let us know which tool was the most impactful for your business.



To Your success,


Jairek Robbins


Choose Your Path: Building Your Own vs. Waiting to be Picked!



What are you waiting on to get your life or business started?


What is the ultimate goal you are working towards and where are you in the process?


Sometimes in life, we get so connected to a path, a way to get something done that we can often times miss the opportunity.


We have our blinders on – it has to be this way, in this order, at this time, with these people – and so you get stuck in the hamster wheel, waiting for someone to take us off.


That’s what we are diving into today. Today we are going to help you identify the ways you may be waiting to get picked, in order to fulfill your destiny, vs. pursuing opportunities to build your own.


This doesn’t just apply to entrepreneurs, even if you are within a company that you love and want to grow with, seeking out ways to build opportunities is key!


Check it out below and we would love to hear from you. If you were to CHOOSE your next opportunity, what would it be?



Thanks for watching!


To Your Success,


Jairek Robbins


5 Steps to Finding the Relationship of Your Dreams!


Relationships are the number one thing we get asked about. Even if the conversation starts with business, it always gets down to relationships at the core of the question.


Why? Because for most, the reason behind what we want to build is most times tied to who we want to build it with or for.


This week, we are sharing 5 Super Important tips to finding that ideal relationship. Some of what we talk about is the preparation that goes into being ready for that person.


Have you identified what you need to do, be or get out of your system to attract the person you want to share your life with?


We also dive into helping you uncover what you bring to the table and understanding what you want from a relationship. This is beyond, just someone to grow old with — Understanding what TYPE of relationship and the STYLE of relationship you need to thrive, will help you avoid potential devastating matches that do not feed your soul.


Listen in ….



Here is the link to the survey we refer to in today’s episode. This is massively important to know for yourself, and also helpful for you to share with any potential mate!  CLICK THIS LINK >>>> <<<



Enjoy and we look forward to hearing your results!


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Jairek Robbins


4 Ways to Declare Your Independence!




There is something magical about the 4th of July. There’s the feeling of impending fun, the magic of fireworks, the warmth of family and friends or maybe just some well-needed rest.


It’s with that same momentum that we encourage you to not just celebrate independence, but claim and declare it for yourself, every day in your life!



Today we are declaring independence from the habits that are wearing & tearing you down …



This Fourth of July, Let’s Declare Independence from…


1. …Bad Sleep! Start sleeping like a true CHAMPION:


Champion athletes like Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Michael Phelps all sleep between 8-12 hours per night. The good news is you only need 7 1/2 – 8 hours of sleep each night according to the experts. But the key is the QUALITY of your sleep vs quantity.


Sleep expert Shawn Stevenson shares; ‘When it comes to health, there is one criminally overlooked element: sleep. Good sleep helps you shed fat for good, stave off disease, stay productive, and improve virtually every function of your mind and body.’


A few tips from Shawn Stevenson’s bestselling book Sleep Smarter – 21 essential strategies to sleep your way to a better body, better health and bigger success!:


      1. Be cool. When it’s time for your body to rest, there is an automatic drop in your core body temperature to help initiate sleep. If the temperature in your environment stays too high, then it can be a bit of a physiological challenge for your body to get into the ideal state for restful sleep. Studies have found that the ideal room temperature for sleep is around 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
      2. Be early to rise By waking up early you start the process of helping your endocrine system link up with the diurnal patterns of the earth. Get up when the sun rises.
      3. Avoid the screen. This is likely the #1 thing you can do to improve your sleep quality immediately. The artificial “blue” light emitted by electronic screens trigger your body to produce more daytime hormones (like cortisol) and disorient your body’s natural preparation for sleep. If you want to give your body the deep sleep it needs, make it a mandate to turn off all screens a full hour before bedtime.


2. …Sadness & Depression Vs creating & experiencing the happiness you desire & deserve!


Author, Shawn Anchor shares in his book The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work that there have been 200 studies on over 275,000 people concluded that happiness leads to success in nearly every domain of our lives including:


  • Marriage
  • Health
  • Friendship
  • Community Involvement
  • Creativity
  • Jobs
  • Career
  • Business


To access this happiness and defend against depression or sadness he recommends a few daily habits to incorporate:


  1. Meditation:  Studies shows that it can actually grow your prefrontal cortex (part of your brain responsible for feeling happy).  Regular meditation (5-10 min per day) can permanently rewire your brain to raise levels of happiness, lower stress, even improve immune function.


  1. Find something to look forward to: Anticipating future rewards can actually light up the pleasure centers in your brain much as the actual reward will. One simple way to do this is to create a very specific vision board. Put the exact things that you are looking forward to, physical, financial or otherwise and put it somewhere you will see it daily. Take a photo of it and make it your background on your phone and your computer.


  1. Commit Conscious Acts of Kindness: Decrease stress and strongly contribute to enhanced mental health. Find ways to infuse kindness into your daily habit.


3. …Not living a life true to yourself (one of the 5 regrets of the dying.)


In my bestselling book LIVE IT! Achieve Success By Living With Purpose I talk about the process of designing your Ideal Day. Growing up as the son of the #1 Personal Development icon on the planet is an experience that can either build you or break you especially if you decide to stay in the same industry and attempt to build your own brand.


At one point it was my goal to emulate everything my dad ever did… after a few life-changing experiences … including being told I had 6 days left to live by a doctor while volunteering in a rural farming village in Kangulamira, Uganda, I decided it was finally time to figure out what living fully meant to me. I took time to redefine what I now call my “ideal day” … Where I’d wake up, who I’d be with, everything I’d want to create, what value I would add to the world around me.


A day that would be so rich and so fulfilling that if I were to die in just 6 days (like the doctor said) that I would be able to know that I lived fully, loved deeply and truly mattered. Knowing that people would remember me far beyond my physical presence here on this planet because of the way I chose to show up each day. Living fully, loving deeply and doing stuff that matters in the world around me.


Take time to design your ideal day… and LIVE IT! If you need help grab a copy of our best selling book on Amazon: (


Or Our brand new high-performance program (


4. …FEAR.

This begins by learning to use fear vs allowing fear to use you! Fear is one of those things that stops even the bravest people dead in their tracks. It causes us to question who we are, what we are capable of and keeps us from really living the life we know we were meant to live.


Fear keeps us from saying hello to that special someone we’ve always wanted to talk to. It keeps us from asking for that promotion we know we’ve earned … just to chicken (or fearful) to take that first step. Well here is a simple exercise from authors Phil Stutz and Barry Michaels that can help you to conquer the fear(s) that hold you back.


These easy-to-use techniques transform everyday challenges—big and small—into

opportunities to bring about bold and dramatic change in your life.


This tool is called “The Reversal of Desire”


Cues to Use the Tool


  1. When you have to do something uncomfortable and you feel fear or resistance, use the tool right before you act.


  1. The second cue occurs whenever you think about doing something painful or difficult. If you use the tool every time you have these thoughts, you will build a force that will allow you to act when the time comes.


The Tool in Brief

  1. Focus on the pain you are avoiding; see it appear in front of you as a cloud. Silently scream, “Bring it on!” to demand the pain; you want it because it has great value.


  1. Scream silently, “I love pain!” as you keep moving forward. Move so deeply into the pain you’re at one with it.


  1. Feel the cloud spit you out and close behind you. Say inwardly, “Pain sets me free!” As you leave the clouds, feel your self-propelled forward into a realm of pure light.


I hope you enjoyed these tools and use them the next time you find yourself struggling to regain your balance. Happy Independence Day, today and every day!


To Your Success,


Jairek Robbins





The Power of Love: Interview with Arjuna O’Neal



Today’s interview is a special one.


While we are fortunate to experience and be witness to transformations often, today’s interview is one which really caught our attention and we had to have this person on to share their incredible story. Today Jairek is speaking with Arjuna O’Neal, founder of Share Necessities about his story and the power of love in transforming his life.


Arjuna’s story is complex and feels familiar at the same time, from his upbringing in the Hare Krishna movement to his life in the streets of California, he shares with us with how the seeds of transformation were planted and began to sprout in the face of tragedy.


Listen in as he shares with us his journey and the incredible impact he is making today for the city of Los Angeles most underserved communities as he and his team spread love and their mission to Bring Inner Peace to the Streets” with their youth education programs, urban garden, and community center.


This is definitely not one to miss! We hope you enjoy as much as we did!



If you were as moved as we are and want to support the amazing mission and work of Share Necessities you can do so here:


To your success,


Jairek Robbins


What is Pissing You Off? How to Identify and Control those Emotions.


When was the last time you got really pissed off?


I mean you got so mad, when you look back at that moment, it feels as though you lost yourself in that moment. You lost who you were and maybe said some things – you would normally never say.


And you question yourself, how could I get that upset over this… what is the real reason?


This is the conversation we are having today.


We are going to find the root of what is pissing you off, what is violating your rules, what is falling below your expectations?


Because we know, that anytime there is an upset, it is because there is an unmet expectation. What are your expectations?


In this conversation we are going to identify:

  • What’s the real reason you are mad – meaning, what is the trigger?
  • How to stop allowing that emotion gain control over you
  • Create a system for how much of a reaction you give to it.
  • Identify your expectations.
  • Discover your reward system.



Enjoy and we would love to hear what you discovered about your expectations.


To your success,


Jairek Robbins


Is the Media Influencing Your Goals & Dreams?


What dream is being marketed and sold right now at this point in history??


If you wanted to make your mark in the world today, what do you feel you would need to do?


How much of what you do, or aspire to do, is being influenced by the media and/or the people around you?


This is an important conversation, because if you are being sold a dream and are not sure in yourself, you may wake up one day with the feeling that you have lost out on time and energy, chasing something that was not in alignment with who you are.


This is the conversation we are having today.


Today we will question and uncover:

  • How the media is influencing your goals.
  • What is the point of your dream?
  • What are the things that light you up?
  • What are you optimizing your life for?


Check it out below and we would love to hear from you… what is your dream and how is it being influenced?



To your success,


Jairek Robbins


The Best Way to Effectively Connect when Networking!



“How can I be of service?”


There has never been a more well-intentioned phrase. It truly is a hallmark phrase of someone who is looking to connect, share their knowledge and add value, right?


This is true, but on the receiving end of this question and in the wrong format, it can actually be creating a more stress, work to the person you are looking to help.


For example, you reach out to a company you admire – they are doing great things in the world – and you send them an email saying: ‘ I love what you are doing, I am a huge fan of your work! How can I be of service? ‘. As well-intentioned as that offer is, it leaves too much on the receiver to figure out.


What are you offering?

How can you be of service?

What do you perceive as their need?


Creating more work for the person you are looking to be of service to, is the faster way to the – thanks but no thanks – email or receiving no response at all.

This week, we are going to go over the best way to remix that phrase to actually get the response and opportunity to serve you are looking for!


You are also going to learn:

  • How a little research goes a long way.
  • The importance of filling the gaps.
  • How to truly add value, in a way that could lead to ongoing opportunities.


Check it out below and we would love to hear your experience on both sides!



To Your Success,


Jairek Robbins


The Power of Vulnerability in Authentic Leadership!


Leadership is a role that regardless of who you are, at some point, you will find yourself in that position. Whether it be in your home life, business or spiritual life, at some point you will find yourself having to take the lead.


If that statement makes you uncomfortable, it may be that you have an antiquated view of what leadership is. Modern successful leaders no longer buy into the  – my way or the highway, do as you are told – style of management. 


While leaders need to be someone who a team can follow with respect and have the awareness of what it takes to get the team to the finish line, the modern leader also needs to be open to the team’s input, collaboration and open to change. This requires a high level of vulnerability.


This openness to change means a new flexibility and the understanding that people need to feel a part of something in order for them to feel invested, as well as loyal to you.  So how do you make that shift?


This is what we are discussing today with Dov Baron, bestselling author of several books, including his latest, “Fiercely Loyal: How High Performing Companies Develop and Retain Top Talent.”


Check out the interview below and let us know your thoughts, share your experience and please share this with someone in a leadership role that needs this!


To your success,


Jairek Robbins


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