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What makes a Rapid Results Retreat

Discover Yourself While Discovering The World

This unique journey is designed for you to explore the vast world in which you live, to connect meaningfully with those closest to you, and to discover your life’s true passion, purpose, and vision. This is a special event, designed for an intimate number of people to grow, contribute, and share in an incredible experience together!

Jairek Robbins
Rapid Results Retreat

While at sea you will enjoy a unique mix of relaxation, fun in the sun, and intimate workshops dedicated to supporting you in the areas of emotional, physical, and spiritual health, as well as wealth, relationships, time management, business practices, and beyond.


Enrichment Sessions

Enrichment Sessions are interactive classes taught by college professors and other experts. These in-depth sessions provide travelers with the opportunity for personal growth and discovery through examination of the history, culture, people, flora, fauna, and current issues of each voyage destination


Each day at sea, small groups gather onboard the MV Explorer to discuss and further explore a single subject. Frequent workshop topics include language study, art, writing, wine, and cuisine. Presenters offer a series of programs that are designed for both occasional and regular participants.



Join us in port as we discover and explore! We have a special JRC Excursion and a wide range of programs offered. Adventurous activities are balanced with humanitarian service projects, relaxing beach trips, cultural performances and city tours.


Built in 2002, the MV Explorer also includes a full spa and salon, fitness center, pool & sundeck, sports court, library, classrooms, medical clinic, computer lab, wifi access and a panoramic lounge with stunning 180-degree views.


Learning on Days at Sea

On our days at sea we will meet for a few hours each day, here the content can be summed up in four main parts.

  1. Defining Your Passion

    Really, truly defining your passion in your life and business. To do this we will be exploring your passion through personality profiling, discovering your values and what is most important to you, what are you living your life doing business wise, what is a full time or side business that absolutely lines up with who you are, what you believe in, and what is most important to you. The simple key principal is when you fall in love with your life time disappears, you disappear and nothing else matters, so if that is how you were living what would that look like for you?

  2. How To Add Value From Your Passion

    Step 2 - Once you have identified your passion, how can you add unique value to the community around you through living it daily. The principal behind this is the more value you add, the more abundance will come your way. Here we will be identifying dozens of ways that you are able to add value from your passion, purpose, business. How can you contribute more to others, your clients, new clients, new possibilities, and more.

  3. How To Monetize Your Passion

    Here is one of the most important keys, so often individuals have a passion that they love, however are not 100% clear on how they can earn a living from doing this. In this section we will be teaching you exactly how to monetize your passion, whatever that passion may be. There are key strategies and steps that you can take to earn additional income from what you love, whether as a full time mission or passive income, how can you monetize your passion. Here Jairek will teach the exact strategies that he used to go from over $25k in debt to over $100k in income in less than 8 months, as well as everything from how to create and start a business, how to create products, dvds, websites, marketing tools and strategies, coaching services, how to create a raving fan culture and a following, the power of influence, and more.

    The outcome being to provide you not only with the tools to be able to pursue what you love, but to provide you with the tools to create personal and financial freedom for yourself.

  4. Setting Up The System For Freedom

    Last how do you set up and create the system that allows you the freedom that you desire and deserve. What does that freedom look like to you, and who and what specifically do you need to have in place in order to create that in your life, so that you may go where you want, when you want, and how you want, knowing that you have the systems, and revenue in place to support that.

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  • Upgraded to outside suite
Optional Segment II and III

Segment II May 11 - 25

France, Netherlands, Belgium,
Scotland, Northern Ireland,
Ireland and England

Segment III May 11 - 25

England, Norway, Sweden,
Russia,Latvia, Denmark,
Germany, England

Rapid Results Retreat Guests Receive Special Pricing For Segment II and III Voyages