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bobby wallace


Hearing Jairek speak changed my life. At the time I was encountering the most success of my career, and made one of the biggest discoveries of my life. That very simply success without fulfillment is still failure. I live a happier life today than I ever have and it was from the incredible discovery through Jairek’s speaking.


Hiring Jairek as a coach was the best decision of my life. The lessons that guide me, the good habits that I created, the progress I make in every aspect of my life are all results from his coaching. I experience life each day rather than going through the motions while also living with more and more happiness and success year after year. I encourage anyone who desires to change their quality of life to dive in and enjoy the bliss.

From: Bobby Wallace on February 7, 2013

Jairek’s video coaching helped me FINALLY get my act together. Not only did my real estate business explode from $3M to $12.9M (433% increase), he also helped me improve the overall quality of my life! So many times the enthusiasm and excitement of a seminar or class fades away and is quickly forgotten once home. Jairek Robbins has masterfully gathered, organized, and presents life changing principals and practical applications in a very affordable, ninety day series of five minute videos that will, if applied, transform, inspire and motivate you! There is no better way to start the day and no better way to jump start your life!

From: Paul S. Yarmo on January 22, 2013
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The new client I told you I took on Monday was ready to shut down on Tuesday and lay off 35 people. Today I negotiated an MBI where the management are taking on the company, 45 people keep their jobs and he is walking away with £1.5M, that’s a little more than he would have got earlier this week. Thanks for the coaching call Tuesday night.

From: Nick M. on August 30, 2012