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"Jairek Robbins is a professional speaker and renowned expert in leadership and peak performance strategies."

What others are saying...

David Hill

I have had to opportunity to host 3 Real Estate events where Jairek Robbins, was featured as our keynote including the fall 2011 New England “Monster Recovery Tour.”

Jairek, always brings high energy, enthusiasm, fundamental sales skills and ties it all together in a super fun environment! Every event Jairek, has done for us has received exceptional feedback. Anyone who wants to take their business or life to the next level should seek him out immediately.

David Hill
Keller Williams Realty
Professional Real Estate Team Owner
Presenter, Trainer & Coach.
From: David Hill on November 4, 2014
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Jairek inspires those he comes in contact with to be better each and every day. Jairek’s passion and commitment to peak performance is grounded in doing whatever it takes to being at one’s best. — Cameron Kiosoglous PhD, US Olympic Rowing Coach

From: Cameron Kiosoglous PhD on October 27, 2014


Hearing Jairek speak changed my life. At the time I was encountering the most success of my career, and made one of the biggest discoveries of my life. That very simply success without fulfillment is still failure. I live a happier life today than I ever have and it was from the incredible discovery through Jairek’s speaking.


Hiring Jairek as a coach was the best decision of my life. The lessons that guide me, the good habits that I created, the progress I make in every aspect of my life are all results from his coaching. I experience life each day rather than going through the motions while also living with more and more happiness and success year after year. I encourage anyone who desires to change their quality of life to dive in and enjoy the bliss.

From: Bobby Wallace on July 12, 2014